I am Shahryar Tayeb FullStack Software Engineer

For real.

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2023 - Kabul, Afghanistan - Shahryar Tayeb

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Experienced Software Engineer with a Passion for Solving Problems and Creating Impact

How do you turn an idea into a reality? How do you build software that meets the needs and expectations of users and clients? How do you collaborate effectively with a diverse and talented team of developers, designers, and testers? These are some of the questions that drive me as a software engineer.

I have over 3+ years of experience in developing and deploying web applications using various technologies such as Laravel, Django, Vue, React, Node.js. I have worked on projects ranging from e-commerce platforms, social media networks, online learning systems, and reporting MIS.

I'm always eager to learn new skills and technologies to keep up with the latest trends and innovations in the software industry. I'm also passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with others through blogging, mentoring, and teaching.

Latest blog posts

I write blog posts about FullStack development and other tutorials on my blog. Here are some of my latest posts:

Skills ?

I use/used the bellow technolgies to build software. I am not locked to these technologies, I will learn new technolgies if I need to. bellow is a list of technolgies that I am confident with:

JavaScript TypeScript Python Python React Python React React NodeJS Git Linux GitHub


JavaScript, JavaScript, Python, SQL (throw whatever flavor), CSS, HTML, GO


Laravel, Django, React JS, Vue JS, TailwindCSS


Git, REST API, Docker, Figma, Express JS, Adobe (Photoshop,Lightroom, Premiere)


FullStack Developer at iMMAP an US based NGO

I do FullStack things, I work on 3 projects. Two of them are Django applications and one is Node JS app. I also make structural and architectural decisions and DevOps.

FullStack Developer at Khudkar Technologies

I worked with Laravel and React JS mostly also designed some databases for MIS for NGOs and small businesses. During this time I successfully delivered project for clients and provided support afterward.

Frontend Developer at BrightHouse ICT Solutions

I worked with React, JavaScript and TailwindCss. Did a lot of optimization for React Applications like lazy loading and 0Image optimizations.


I am going to start from university, no need to go earlier.

Personal Projects

The list might be outdated because I am lazy and I dont like to add these with JS for SEO purposes. So go visit my Github or follow me on social media.

I can write a script to read new project from a JSON file and update the HTML and automate it with GH actions, but I wont do it now.

Here is the list:

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LinkedIn - Github - Twitter - Blog